Expert talk…

In this expert session i have learnt alot.. like

~CVS stands for Concurrent Versioning System is a revision control system that operates as a front end to RCS but in an earlier system, it operates on single files.

~Instead of CVS we preferred Git because where works on the distributed Version System where we can work together with different teams In the CVS works on the Centralized Version System where only one can commit or change centrally where can work together.

~Need of difference environments is best Security compliance and giving opportunity to different teams work without interfering others environment.

~Global Traffic Manager is a program that provides high availability for the applications by distributing DNS and the user application requests based on multiple factors like data center locations, user locations, etc.

~CPU requests means that much amount of time will be taken by services to execute and CPU Limits means maximum this much amount of time can be given to service at a point of time.

~Chaos Testing is one kind of testing that is done to test the performance of Cluster. It works in such a way it creates some random failures in the production system to test the resilience of the cluster

~CPU Leaks is the program’s CPU usage slowly rising to 100% and slowing down the whole system without any memory footprint change. Open shift provides some security context constraints (SCC) that control the action and permissions for a pod using CLI.

~Namespaces is the feature of the Linux kernel that partition the resources in such a way that one set of processes can see and use particular are of resources and another set of resources use different processes

~Grafana was designed to work as a UI for analyzing metrics. As such, it can work with multiple time-series data stores, including built-in integrations with Prometheus, InfluxDB, MySQL.




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